The Best Thing About E3 This Year Is Next Year’s E3

E3 is far from over, but the big announcements are out of the way, and we have a good idea of what the gaming landscape is going to look like over the next year. The conferences are over, and there were not many surprises this year. According to my count, there were only 2 new AAA intellectual properties announced across all of the conferences this year, Anthem and Skull & Bones. There were many leaks, and we saw more information about the games that were announced last year, but over all, there was a lack of exciting new surprises. But fear not, all is not lost. We still have a slate of awesome games coming out over the next year, and this “dry spell” means that future E3 conferences will be even more exciting!

This year, there were more games shown slated for release in the next year than usual, and significantly fewer games that are really far out. Bethesda is continuing the trend that they started two years ago with Fallout 4 by releasing both of the games they announced this year. EA held back on the star wars games that we will have in the future in favor of showing more Battlefront II, and Ubisoft’ s flagship titles of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry are also due to release before Christmas. Sony and Microsoft managed to avoid showing off tempting teasers, and many of the games that were shown had dates of 2017 or 2018. Of course, there were a few games that won’t make it into our consoles any time soon, but generally, it seemed like most games that were shown only a year or two away. This is a new trend that the industry seems to be taking, and it is because of this there were fewer surprises this year or, but that just leaves more room for next year!

By this time next year, we will already have played (not accounting for delays) Destiny 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Wolfenstein the new Collosus, Star Wars Battlefront II, Mario Oddesy, Crackdown, God of War, Call of Duty WWII, and many other games that were shown at this year’s E3 conferences. That leaves the stage wide open for many more games to get announced next year, and, if trends continue, it is likely that the time between announcement, and shipping will be smaller. That means we will be shown more complete games, games that are closer to the final build, games that will have fewer delays, and fewer games should be cancelled. There are lots of benefits to waiting to announce games until they are ready. Sure the shiny new toy may be appealing at first, but as things change, as games are delayed and parts are stripped out, the community gets irritated, upset, and even angry. So this E3 may not have had the surprised that we may have wanted, but this could mean better announcements in the future. Instead of people being excited about something they won’t see for years, they will be excited about games that we will be playing before the year is over.

So if this E3 was dissappointing to you, fear not, remember that everything that wasn’t shown is waiting to be shown. And the longer they wait, the less dissappointed we are. We will know what to expect, and games are more likely to come out when they are supposed to. This E3’s shortcoming will be next year’s strengths.


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