Is The Pokemon Go 50 Coin Cap Wrong?

While I have been an avid Pokemon Go player since day one, I never really got interested in the gym system before this most recent update.  I would take on maybe one gym a say, just so i could get a few coins, but I never had control of more than two gyms at a time. I would always collect my coins after the first gym to avoid the disappointment of having it taken before I got another, and them wouldn’t care a for another day. Now, with the new format for gyms, I have been more willing to try and take the gyms on. So far, I have gotten many more coins this weekend than I had gotten in the few weeks prior to the new gym system being implemented, but I am still somehow disappointed. Because of the new system, coins are easier to come by, and I am more driven to try to take out gyms, but the 50 coin cap per day is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

It is strange, because I am getting many more coins than I was before, but because I think about the coins I might be getting, I am disappointed by how many I am getting. Today, I put 4 pokemon on gyms, and I have had one pokemon that has held a gym since Friday. Now, of the 5 pokemon I had defending gyms, only 2 are still standing guard. Of the 3 that have been returned to me today, only one has given me coins. The pokemon that had been diligently standing guard for me since Friday was my first pokemon to have been returned to me today. Since it had been guarding the gym for well over the time it takes to amass 50 coins, it came back with 50 coins. That is good, except when my other 2 pokemon were returned, they came home empty handed. Now I’m conflicted. The logical side of me understands that 50 coins today is more than the 10 or 20 I would have gotten without the new gym system, but then again, I know that if there were no 50 coin cap, I would have gotten hundreds of coins.

So, is this coin cap wrong? Niantic needs to make money some how, and selling coins is the primary way pokemon go makes money. If people were earning hundreds of coins a day, no one would need to spend money on it any more. So Niantic does need to keep the amount of coins people earn every day down. And the coin cap isn’t wrong, it just seems like it some time. I just wish they could do it so my efforts don’t seem meaningless.

The gym system is much better than it was before. I feel like I can actually take on a full gym by myself without wasting 30 max potions. I am happy with the higher turn over of gyms, it actually makes me want to go fight them. And there is the added benefit of Raids as well, giving me another reason to get out and find gyms. Overall this new update is a success in my book, they just need to do a little bit of tweaking on the coin system. Make it so that additional pokemon being returned on the same day don’t bring nothing back. If the cap were smaller, but it were a cap per gym, say 15 or 20 points per gym per day, that would be better, or if they don’t offer extra coins, they could convert the additional coins you would have gotten into something different, like star dust or experience. I just wish the effort I went through to put out extra pokemon wasn’t wasted.

So, for me, a 50 coin cap had a net positive effect for me,  but it seems to have been implemented in a less than optimal fashion. The new format for gyms is great because I have incentive to try to take on gyms all day, instead of just when I am available to get coins, and I get many more coins than if I were using the old system. The 50 coin cap isn’t bad, and it isn’t wrong, it just needs to be im0lemented differently.


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