Skyrim is Forver

This is a couple weeks late, but I keep seeing people complain about the fact that there are two new iterations of Skyrim coming out this year. People are accusing Bethesda of milking the game that was originally released almost six years ago. They say that Bethesda doesn’t have the gamers’ best interests at heart, but I whole heartedly disagree. Bethesda isn’t doing anything wrong upgrading the game for modern platforms, especially with the upgrades that they have added with the switch, and psvr versions of the game. I think I am the only one who is actually happy that Skyrim is being released again.

Skyrim is an immensely popular game, or at least it was before they announced that they are still making new versions of it. Skyrim is so popular, because it is a good game, and a groundbreaking game. It has such a large, densly populated world that redefined how we think about open world games. It does something that few games have been able to match since dispute having better hardware. I am glad that more people will be able to experience this world, whether you have already said hundreds of dragons, or if this is your first time in Whiterun, it is always good when more people are able to experience a game that will surely become a classic.

Another thing that people are overlooking is the fact that these games are very different from when Skyrim was originally released. Sure, it is the same world, but both the switch and psvr versions of the game offer new experiences that were never offered with previous iterations of the game. Game play had to be completely reworked, and now motion controls were added to both versions of the game. Finally, with the switch version of the game, you can take the Elder Scrolls world with you, wherever you want. The mobility of the switch version makes me excited to renter the world of Skyrim. Slaying dragons on a plane, at the park, or while avoiding the in-laws during the holidays is a great addition to the game. Now, Skyrim is an experience that you can take with you everywhere. But, still much more exciting than Skyrim switch, is Skyrim VR.

Words can hardly begin to express how excited I am to revisit Skyrim again in VR. Finally, a full length open world VR game to play, but even better, it is one of the best open worlds that video games have had to offer, ever! Skyrim VR will take what was already an incredibly immersive game, and take it to the next level. Now, you will not just be looking at a screen where the dragon born is out exploring the vast open world of Skyrim, but you become the dragon born. The world of Skyrim will exist around you, not just in front of you. And creatures will be vanquished, magical spells will be cast, and dragons will be slain, all by your own hand. I am more than excited to pay $60 and revisit Skyrim in VR, which I am convinced will be the definitive way to play the game.

I have heard the argument made that while Bethesda is working on porting these existing versions of Skyrim, they are not working on The Elder Scrolls VI, or whatever their next game will be. While this is true, it isn’t entirely true. Recently, Bethedlsda Games Studio has been increasing the size of their team. They recently opened a new office in Montreal, and have been expanding a lot. So, there are probably just as many people working on the new games as there were working in Skyrim for most of its development. But another thing that needs to be considered, is that they are working on understanding new technology, something that they would probably try to do for their next game whether or not they made Skyrim VR. So, if they are going to take the time to understand how VR works, it is good that they have something to show for it sooner rather than later. Now, with VR already being integrated into there games, as they work on the next game, they can focus on the software. They will not have to devote extra resources to figuring out the technology since they will have already made two VR games. And while making Skyrim VR will push the timeline of The Elder Scrolls VI back a little bit, it isn’t as much as one may think, and we are also getting another game to hold us over u til they do eventually decide to reveal their new game.

The return of Skyrim is not a bad thing. Bethesda is making changes to the game that are still ground breaking and new. While new versions of Skyrim will undoubtedly slow the production of The Elder Scrolls VI, the benefits of having a great game to play on the go, and in virtual reality make up for it. I am glad Bethesda chose to go forward with making these games. I know I will surelybspend a lot of time with them.


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